Is that love in the air or corona? Dating in quarantine... During a pandemic

Is that love in the air or corona? Dating in quarantine... During a pandemic

Almost a year now since the pandemic has demolished our entire economy. Donald Trump is out of office (facing his second impeachment), sports are back (not really back) and finding love still seems to be an impossible task. 

It is no secret that dating before the pandemic was not easy, Reported by the US Census, marriage rates have been on a decline for the past 10 years. Which really isn't hard to believe with all the; sliding in the DM's, twerking on social media, and devaluing of our women in mainstream culture. 

We are all aware of the toxic dating culture that has infiltrated our music, media, movies and everyday lives for a large majority of us. Now with everything closed from church to the local dive bar, many people have turned to social media to fulfill their dating needs. 

Dating from home 😩

Just before the NBA decided to throw the entire nation into a frenzy by canceling scheduled games right before tip-off, a buddy of mine had told me about a new dating app that he had been using called, "Hinge".

With a little hesitance due to prior unsuccessful online dating stents, I signed up for Hinge around May 2020. By November, I was lost in the rabbit hole and had almost 600 matches, with one common them, a lot of the girls I was matching with wanted to date from home?

Date from home? You mean FaceTime or talk on the phone right? I still don't fully understand the concept but I do understand that we are living through uncertain times and that many people are living in fear.

I adjusted, and found a beautiful Norwegian girl who lived in NoHo to "date from home". Our conversation went smooth and we seemed to have good energy, we chose a day for the first big "Date from Home" and I totally missed the date we chose. 

She had a total MELTDOWN, you would have thought I stood her up at the alter, the way she reacted. To her defense, she did say she was excited and had not been able to meet anybody during the entire year of lockdown. 

This is just one example, of the new many challenges a lot of us are going to face while dating in this new world.

What the hell do we do?

Toxic culture and quarantine, in my opinion two of the biggest challenges influencing relationships. So how do you fix that? Get off of social media and get out of the house. It's as simple as that.

If you want anything in this life, you have to go get it. Same rule applies to relationships and finding a partner. Yes, there are countless of success stories about people finding love online but that might not be the best path for everyone.

During these uncomfortable times, sitting back and letting what is meant for me come to me has been the best recipe for happiness. Remember, if you're not happy single you will not beg happy in a relationship. Happiness comes from food, not your partner. 


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